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Are you confused about the taxes you need to pay, or the audit that the IRS is going to conduct? Maybe you should look into the stories in this category.

Are You Ready for This Year’s Tax Season Scams?

Photo of the IRS Website Under a Magnifying Glass

As we approach tax season, scammers are on the prowl. This is because scammers use tax season to gain access to sensitive information. This includes attempts to access your social security information, your banking account numbers and more. There are many tactics scammers employ around this time of year. Below you’ll find some common tax …. Read More

When Will I Receive My Tax Refund?

Photo of a Stack of Coins From a Tax Refund

Tax season is officially here. As of January 27, 2020, individuals can begin filing their taxes, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Assuming there are no delays, do you know when you can expect to get your tax refund? The answer to this depends largely on when you file and how complicated your tax return …. Read More

9 End of the Year Tax Tips You Need to Know About

a Woman Working on Her Taxes

With another year almost behind us, the new decade is fast approaching. While it is anyone’s guess what the future will bring, one thing is certain: tax season will roll around soon enough. However, tax season does not need to be too stressful, especially if you prepare before the year ends. Efficient year-end tax planning …. Read More

Does Pennsylvania Real Estate Tax Treat Businesses Differently Than Residences?

Photo of an architect drawing plans for a house

How did your real estate tax assessment turn out this year? Did you wind up owing fewer taxes, or did rising property values also make your taxes go up? If the assessment did raise your property taxes then you would probably file an appeal, but did you know that your district can also appeal a …. Read More