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King of Prussia Financial Planning Attorneys Can Mitigate Risk

Photo of Elderly Couple Approving their New Financial PlanYour wealth is more than just a nest egg. It is also a legacy that can have an immediate and direct impact on the lives of your loved ones. For this reason, planning for your financial future is important. You might believe that placing money in index funds or your 401k plan is the best option. However, it is not the only option. A great deal of care and expertise should be devoted to developing a concrete financial plan. The quality of the financial planning can significantly impact the quality of your retirement. Furthermore, it can change the legacy you leave behind for your children and grandchildren. If you have questions about protecting your investments, contact our King of Prussia financial planning attorneys.

Troncelliti Law Associates knows how important it is to manage wealth. As a result of over 30 years of experience, we have developed reliable strategies. Our King of Prussia financial planning attorneys can help to develop a complete financial plan that can protect your needs. In addition, we can work to prevent depletion due to estate taxes. If you have questions about what options can preserve your legacy, contact us today. Our Philadelphia financial planning lawyers have helped individuals and businesses across industries.

What Do Estate Planners Do?

Ultimately, a Philadelphia estate planning law firm can help with any estate planning advice. This includes asset protection and investments. For instance, it is important to protect your assets from loss as part of your financial planning process. If you do not financially protect your assets, you can potentially lose them. Governmental insurance programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, will require you to use up your existing financial assets. Otherwise, you are unable to become eligible for these benefits. King of Prussia financial planning attorneys can help you to prevent the loss of some of your assets. Our firm uses a number of different fiscal strategies such as placing your financial assets in trusts. As a result, you can work toward financial security, without risking your assets for potential loss.

Unfortunately, an improperly devised financial plan can leave you susceptible to additional taxes which can deplete your asset base. Our King of Prussia financial planning attorneys can help you to understand protected investment vehicles. Furthermore, we can help you to establish them in a way that can protect your assets. The same is true for lawsuits. A Philadelphia financial planning lawyer can help you prevent your assets from being commandeered in a lawsuit settlement. For this reason, our Philadelphia attorney might advise you to create a living trust agreement to protect your assets.

How to Choose an Estate Planning Attorney?

Choosing an estate lawyer is important. A good financial planning attorney can mitigate risk and maximize your investment. Therefore, you should choose a Philadelphia estate planning attorney that has experience with the services you require. Our King of Prussia financial planning attorneys have helped clients with their financial plans for over 30 years. As a result, we can look at your situation and let you know how we can help. Since every estate is unique, the best way to protect your interests is to contact an attorney. Some legal matters our King of Prussia financial planning lawyers can help with involve:

  • Drafting a Will: Beware of a one size fits all will available online. While software exists to help you draft your own will, a Philadelphia estate attorney can bring many benefits. Retaining our King of Prussia financial planning attorneys can help you to draft a will can significantly improve the chances that your will can pass through the probate process.
  • Establish a Trust: If you have significant assets, then you need to involve a legal professional to financially plan for the growth of your holdings. Many people plan for their estate by setting up revocable trusts that protect their assets. This can increase tax savings and make it easier to dispose of your assets.
  • Dispose of Illiquid Assets: Many individuals have illiquid assets that they may need to dispose of. For example, interests in companies and LLCs, real estate holdings, and investments in alternative assets are illiquid assets. Our King of Prussia financial planning attorneys can help find ways to liquidate your assets.

Protecting Your Assets and Investments? Contact Our Firm Now

Do you have concerns about protecting your assets, property and investments for generations? Questions about establishing a will, trust or disposing of your assets? Do you need help preparing your financial future? Without a legal professional, you can unknowingly miss out on details that can benefit you. King of Prussia financial planning attorneys can help you protect your nest egg. Furthermore, we can draft and administer financial plans that can keep your wealth in your family.

At Troncelliti Law Associates, we know how hard you work for your legacy. For this reason, we can use our experience to draft a financial plan that can protect your investments. Our Philadelphia estate planning attorneys can guide you towards a tax-effective and prudent solution. Thus, we can help you develop solutions to any issues you are facing as you prepare for your future. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact our firm online or call our King of Prussia law firm at (610) 365-4240.


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