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Five Reasons You Need to Have an Estate Plan

Photo of an Estate Plan with classes, a pencil and a calculator sitting on top

The words “estate planning” may conjure up images of mansions and private jets; however, nothing could be farther from the truth. Estate planning isn’t just for the rich. It is a tool that can help just about anyone protect their assets and safeguard their loved ones’ futures when they are gone. In fact, if you …. Read More

Should I Update My Estate Plan Due to the Coronavirus?

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Most people do not enjoy thinking about their own death. Even fewer enjoy planning for it. This explains why the majority of Americans do not have an estate plan. Those who do have an estate plan often have not updated their plan in years. Yet, the coronavirus outbreak is forcing many people to rethink their …. Read More

Estate Planning Issues Applying to Prince’s Estate

Deceased rock music legend Prince is becoming the next Michael Jackson in terms of estate problems. While Michael Jackson did have a valid will in place at the time of his death, there is still an ongoing argument between the Jackson family and government agencies regarding the actual value of the estate. The same issue …. Read More